KBrakes HiStops review from EPIC PERCUSSION

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Mike Wrench is beyond excited about KBrakes HiStops. Listen as he talks about how KBrakes HiStops are an essential to any drummers rig. KBrakes HiStops are portable anchors that are designed to stop you drum gear from sliding around on you while you play. They are designed for HiHat Stands, Cymbal Stands, Hardware Stands, Snare Stands, Drum Thrones, and More. HiStops are perfect for people that deal with their HiHat stand sliding away from them as they are trying to keep time. With HiStops you can push and kick as hard as you want and your stand will not move out of place. They also work great on things like Sonor Drums and Stands, Ludwig Vistalite drums with the curved spurs, spring loaded spurs like some Yamaha, Mapex, SJC, Tama and more.


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