KBrakes Grips

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Check out KBrakes Grips and HiStops on the Ludwig vistalite in the KBrakes Drum Room! KBrakes Grips are the only hard surface kick drum anchor of their kind. With KBrakes Grips you can play you drums on a hard surface with out a drum rug. The kick drum creep is annoying but it's even more annoying when you aren't playing on a rug.

Drummers have always had to play on a rug because there was never a low cost option that provided the stability that a drummer would need to be able to kick the drum 5000 times a night without it moving on them. 

Playing on a hard surface gives your more and different options for sounds that you would have never thought possible. The bouncing of sounds, natural reverb and volume that you can get from drumming on a hard surface is online anything that you have experienced before.

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