What are KBrakes made of?

KBrakes are made of 100% Nylon.

Why are KBrakes made of Nylon?

KBrakes are made of nylon material because it has flexible and forgiving properties, adds virtually no weight to your drum, is able to be used for many different size spurs.

Do KBrakes work only on carpet?

Yes, this version of KBrakes is designed for carpet. However we do have some new versions in the works for those who like to play on wood floors and other hard surfaces.

Is the price on the site for 2 KBrakes?

Yes, KBrakes always come in a set of 2 one for each spur.

I love KBrakes, how can I become a KBrakes Artist?

We have several artists on our roster that are amazing players but are all very different. The one thing that they have in common is that they are all musicians that play out on a regular basis. If you are wanting to become a KB artist send us an email and let us know what you are up to.

 Why do I need KBrakes?

Drummers need KBrakes to help control the variables. Touring drummers don't often play under the same conditions every night. Sometimes the stage is moist from humidity in the club, sometimes the drum riser or stage is not one solid piece cause bouncing and shifting of things.

Not only do KBrakes lock your kick drum in place but they also offer more surface area and create a more stable base from your drum to sit on. KBrakes also act as a shock absorber for your drums since a lot of drummers pull off the rubber feet and play with just the metal spikes out, this doesn’t give your drum the best sound, the KBrakes take the place of the rubber feet keeping your drum sounding natural opposed to the sound of metal spurs bouncing off of a solid floor.

Will KBrakes fit my drum spurs?

KBrakes are designed to fit 99% of modern and vintage drum spurs on the market. Most spurs have a rubber foot and washer that spins off leaving your an exposed spike. If you have this on your kick drum KBrakes should fit. If you have any doubt or question send us a pic of your kick drum before placing your order.

Do I need a special rug for KBrakes?

KBrakes do not require a special "drum rug” they are designed to grab onto any rug you may come across.

 I own a store can I carry KBrakes in my store?

Yes, we have several drum shops in the US currently carrying KBrakes on their shelves. If you would like to carry KBrakes in your store send us an email and we can send you wholesale information.

 I run a website can I carry KBrakes in my online store?

Yes, a few online stores currently carrying KBrakes. If you would like to carry KBrakes in your online store send us an email and we can send you more information.