KBrakes Artists

Adam Goodhue

"Hands down the best drum anchor that has ever been. I use KBrakes on all of my vintage drums as well as modern kits. It's hard to play your A-game when your kick drum is sliding around. With KBrakes, my kick drum does not move at all. Ever."

Alicia Warrington
Kate Nash
Gore Gore Girls

"I was skeptical at first because, companies have given me products before, that were supposed to stop my bass drum from moving. I started using KBRakes and couldn't believe it...these things actually WORK! I have a pretty powerful kick and my drum isn't moving anywhere since I've added these things to my setup."

Andrew Cook
Dan and Shay

"I've always had a problem with my kick drum staying in place, since I first started touring. The spurs on your average kick drum leg just don't seem to cut it. KBrakes are the solution I've been fantasizing about for years. I can't imagine life without them at this point! Do yourself a favor and grab a pair, you won't be disappointed."

Andrew Warren
Content Creator

"I've spent so much time searching for ways to prevent my gear from flying away - then I discovered KBrakes! Now all of my drums and hardware can be locked down 24/7. There’s something to be said about a product that offers a lifetime of security and safety to your gear when performing. When in doubt, break the KBrakes out!"

Andy Selway
The Dwarves

“I've had a drum kit since age 3, and from that day until present times I have been putting bricks in front of kick drums, tying them around my drum throne, tried those drum rugs with a built in kick drum stopper (terrible!) for the most part while on tour it's come down to me or my drum tech literally hammering nails into the drum riser or stage directly in front of my kick drum! (often to various venues around the worlds dismay) and even guitarists, bassists, and the occasional singer sitting on, or standing in front of my kick drum while being rapidly deafened. And then my whole world changed, I discovered KBrakes! I found these little beauties online and immediately ordered a pair. I attached them to my kick drum spurs the day they arrived at my home studio and lo and behold a lifelong problem solved! that kick does not move, and i kick the hell out of my kick drum! Took them out on tour with KMFDM, and The Dwarves and various other bands i've played with, the result being a non moving bass drum, a very happy drummer (me!) and happy drum techs, stage/drum riser owners all over the world! I never go on tour without KBrakes now, as well as on my kit in my home studio, I can't believe these things didn't always exist, total lifesavers! ”

Brad Moxey
Evergreen Terrace

“I’ve been using KBrakes for over a year now. They were the missing piece in my set-up. I’ve had to do fly dates where I wasn’t sure if I would get to use a dependable kit. Taking my KBrakes helps me to be able to play relaxed knowing I’m not going to be chasing the kick drum around. In Evergreen Terrace I like to lay into the pedals and now I can knowing the kick is staying right where I want it. When I’m not touring I’m home playing 4 hour cover gigs with Dirty Pete. I can go the whole gig knowing it’s not moving. I’ve been waiting for something like this forever. Thank you KBrakes for allowing me to play with confidence and as loud as I want.”

Cassie Jalilie
Union 13
Glam Skanks

"Something I've struggled with as a drummer is my Kick sliding forward. It's a total nightmare and I've tried everything from weights, to even putting amps in front of my bass drum. KBrakes has been my problem solver and keeps me planted!"

Chris Guglielmo

"I've always had trouble with my backline kick drums in europe sliding on me. I brought my KBrakes on my last trip and my kick did not budge."

Chris Hornbrook
Senses Fail
Poison The Well

Big Black Delta
Dhani Harrison

"KBrakes is an excellent piece of anti-slide technology that stops my kick drum from moving around. It's simple design and stout construction is perfect for any touring drummer looking to lock their bass drum in one spot for his or hers entire set. It's truly "Anti-panic attack technology."

Corey Manske
Modern Bronze
The Elizabeth Kill

“It took me a long time to admit that I hit like a truck. I wanted to be known for technical, finesse playing like some of my drumming heroes. After I embraced my inner-truckness I liked the bombast. There’s nothing quite like throwing down a nasty groove and hitting like you mean it, LOL. Anyway, that was all well and good until my bass drum decided to start moving. It was tough to propel my bands in the studio and on stage with a squirrely kick drum. I contemplated sand bags (the professional TV studio type) but that would’ve been just plain silly. Recently a fellow drummer pal turned me onto KBrakes and I’ve never looked back. Installation took less than five minutes, required zero tools and my bass drum hasn’t budged an inch since. Thanks to my KBrakes it feels like my kick is bolted to the riser and they fold flat so my drum still slides into its case. Brilliant.”

Corey Myers

"Before I made the switch to KBrakes, my kick drum, cymbal stands and hi-hat stand were all sliding (even on a rug) and it would affect my playing poorly having to grab stands in the middle of a song and pull them back to me. When I found KBrakes my world changed and my environment and set-up for drumming became a lot more simplistic as far as not having to worry about stuff sliding around and getting away from me."

Scott Stapp

“This is the first product to actually keep my kick in place during a show. You've gotta try the KBrakes!”

Dangry Grossarth

“The drum kit in my shared rehearsal studio was an uninspiring, strewn together, Frankenstein kit that was built with old spare parts and shells. The kick moved about a half inch per strike until it came to rest at a 45 degree angle from the pedals, no matter how much I tightened the hardware or weighed the feet down. Dumbbell weights and big rocks couldn't even hold it in place. When I put the KBrakes on it completely locked in the kick, transforming the feel of the entire kit. Despite the random pieces, it all comes together now like a cohesive instrument and I feel inspired at rehearsal again. It's not an expensive component, but it's been proven to be an extremely valuable asset. I look forward to the confidence KBrakes provides for me every time I get behind the kit.”

Daniel Stover
Break Anchor

"When you travel as a Drummer, you don't always know what kind of stage your going to be on. You'll often think to yourself 'How is this stage going to feel? Will everything hold in place?' We've all had our horror stories with an uneven stage and having to use a cinder block! KBrakes eliminates that concern. You can be assured your equipment will hold where you set it so you can focus on your playing instead of your kick slipping away from you. There isn't a single drummer out there who wouldn't benefit from this, I would recommend KBrakes to any drummer - Hard hitter or not, it's just better to not have to worry"

David Chiverton
Cris Cab
Jon Secada
Nicole Henry
Sammy Figueroa

"KBrakes drastically reduces the headaches of drummers having to constantly bring a drum rug to the gig....They're strong, sturdy and they definitely allow the drummer to lay into the bass drum without any worries of it moving. Check them out ASAP! ✌️

Devin Attard
Hollow Front

"Before KBrakes walked into my life, I was using a wooden block to keep my kick drum from scooting and we all know that doesn’t look pleasing and it still barley got the job done.I currently play the KBrakes Histops on my kick drum and I’ll never go back! I’m proud to be part of the team and also excited to have a stable kick drum. Hard hitters like me need KBrakes!"

Eric Dansie
Atlanta Institute of Music & Media
Hearkening To Andromeda

"KBrakes are the perfect tool for drummers of all skill levels. I flange my hi-hat quite a lot in my playing, and the hi-stops have been a lifesaver! I'll put them on a cymbal stand that creeps away if I am digging into the cymbal. Never head to a gig without them!"

Eric Ellis
Steve Rivers Band

"KBrakes let me play the way I want to on most any surface. I don't ever have to worry about getting too aggressive and pushing my bass drum away. They're the real deal."

Isaias Gil
Black Flag

"KBrakes goes every where with me. I keep a set in my pedal bag for any kit I might end up playing. Having the kick anchored down allows me to play more comfortably, confidently and let’s me do what I’m there to do. I get to PLAY the drums instead of worrying about the wiggle."

Jacob Biviano
Mitchos Da Menace
Chevy Levett

"Since August of 2019, I have been using KBrakes to hold and stabilize my kick drum with success! KBrakes has enabled me to completely prevent my kick drum from moving and thus when playing gigs, I have 100% confidence that the drums will remain grounded!"

Jimmy Tran
Tini Grey "The Voice"
Exclusively at The Disneyland Resort

"I finally found the perfect product that would solve my problems of stabilizing my drum set, whilst being portable. KBrakes keeps me grounded in any given surface situation, Plus it's also very stealth. Most drum rugs aren't always reliable and take up too much space when I'm packing other equipment. All I have to do is set it and forget it. So the focus is on music and not the "slide" show."

Jonathan Ulman
Session Drummer

"It's been a long time since a product has come along that changes the game in the drum industry. KBrakes not only alleviate the headache of sliding drums and hardware, but the product itself is extremely well made, durable, sleek, and most importantly takes duct tape, rugs, cinder blocks and anchors right off the table. I wish I knew about this product years ago, but I'm glad I have them moving forward in my career."

Joe “Joey Bones” Parasole
The Morgan Freemasons

"KBRAKES have been an absolute game changer for me. They take the “what if“ factor out of any performance no matter the venue, set up surface or circumstance. I’m a bit of a heavy hitter and no matter how hard I play, the Kick simply WILL NOT budge! It’s easy to get behind a product the instills the utmost confidence and lets one concentrate only on the playing..... KBRAKES FOR LIFE !!"

Jono Diener
The Swellers
Braided Veins

""I've played drums all over the world and a lot of the time I've had to deal with the misfortune of a sliding kick drum. A simple variable like that can ruin a whole show from the first song. Once I started using KBrakes I got rid of my reliance on cinder blocks and felt in control again. Thanks to KBrakes I get to focus on drumming and drumming alone."

Josh Berrios
Milla Santana
American Jettison
Funk Factory

""I carry my kbrakes in my bag because alot of the backline kits can't hold my heavy foot. So I take it out and slap them on and rip the show and my kick drum stays in place, road tough."

Joshua Martin
Independent / Session Drummer

"I've recently experienced issues with my hi hat stand and kick drum sliding a bit and getting away from me. Once I installed KBrakes on both, my problems were solved! Not only that, but I also removed the drum carpet in my studio and now play drums on the bare hardwood floor. My drums and I have never been happier! Thank you KBrakes!"

Justin Allen
Natural Wonder
Stevie Wonder Tribute Band

"The kbrakes worked perfectly! I've yet to experience any bass drum sliding since I received them and I love it!"

Justin Malek

"I have used cinder blocks, tape, amps, singers, bass players…just about everything and I move them all. With Kbrakes the kick plain and simply doesn’t budge."

Kent Aberle
Kristian Bush
James Hall & The Steady Wicked

"I love the fact that I can elevate the front of my bass drum a few inches to allow more resonance without it sliding or rocking. KBrakes are a total game changer. They will keep you in line!"

Kris Mazzarisi
Matthew Koma

"Kbrakes are the exact solution I have been looking for. I have such a heavy kick drum foot I have broken many kick pedals. This is the only product out there that will keep your bass drum locked down to the rug. Brilliant design that is a must for a rental/fly date kit. You don’t need a cinder block or sandbags anymore when using Kbrakes."

Mark Bell
Prince Royce

"I like to play hard and the kick drum has always been an issue of staying in one place. I've used bricks, sandbags, and a "tape fort" to try and stop my kick drum from moving. The KBrakes stopped it all together, and it's easy to put on and take off for when I use other drums that might have that "slide drum" issues."

Matt Covey
Such Gold
Young Pandas
The Hempsteadys

"KBrakes are probably the simplest, most trouble- and maintenance-free upgrade I have ever made to my drumset. No drum product has removed more worry, stress, and frustration from my life than KBrakes. It's like looking back at something traumatic while at a high class party, glass of champagne in hand, and saying "Oh, Reginald, remember that era of great uncertainty when didn't know if I'd have to spend the whole show chasing my own bass drum down, waiting for a free moment to yank it back into place so my left bass drum pedal would flop over like a wounded animal? Hahaha yes that was an awful time, wasn't it?! And remember that GHASTLY rug with a 2x4 nailed to it??? Thank the Lord of Light we never have to see it's like again."

Matthew Hopf
Independent / Session

"I have only good things to say about KBrakes. It's the perfect solution for heavy hitters and those pesky sliding kick drums. Anchored and steady, providing better low end, KBrakes are a must have for me. Now I can focus on my playing without worry! Grateful for KBrakes"

Matthew Ryan
Sharptooth / Tallah
The Callous Daoboys

"I’ve been using KBrakes for 6 years and they’ve been an incredible addition to both my gear and my performance. More than anything KBrakes gives me peace of mind on stage and allows me to solely focus on playing the drums. The difference is night and day."

Mike Wrench
Drum Instructor
Clinician Educator

"No more slide!! A problem we all have a some point with our drums and hardware. With KBrakes I know my gear is solid and will never move, no more worry about the surface of the stage carpet or not, I'm covered!"

Ryan Claxton
Clinician / Session

"KBrakes are essential for any touring or gigging drummer. Worrying about having your kick slide away from you during your set is a thing of the past. Install these and you’re good to go whether you have a carpet or not! I use them on 3 different kits I own, and I haven’t had a single issue live or in studio. Highly recommend you try them for yourself and feel the difference!"

Sky Garcia
The Chris Cain Band

“I began touring with KBrakes in January 2019 after reviewing their product at the NAMM show. I have always struggled with my kick drum sliding forward during shows. I struggle no more and can focus on my playing. Night after night, I can walk on any stage and that kick is locked down in place! This is hands down my favorite drum invention during my lifetime! I am proud to be a part of the KBreak family as it is quickly becoming an industry standard!”

Steve Zegray
The Great Wide Divide

“KBrakes have been an absolute game changer for me and my playing. My kick drum and snare drum would constantly be moving around on me. Enter the KBrakes 512 on my kick and HiStops on my snare stand. Absolute game changers. No matter what I’m playing or where I’m playing I have no worries of my gear moving on me. Best products on the market. Hands down.”

Tim OHara
The Lillingtons

“Being a big guy, I’ve always had a lot of trouble with my kick sliding during shows. Since installing KBrakes I’ve had no problems with a moving bass drum. Now I can focus on playing hard.”

Tim Ortman
Loaded Chamber

"I've always struggled with my kick drum sliding away, even with the thickest carpet, no matter what, eventually my kick drum would slide. SO FRUSTRATING! it's hard to concentrate on the music when your worried about your kick drum getting so far away. I LOVE my KBrakes! Never again will I have to worry about my kick drum moving. Solid product, an essential item for EVERY drummer."

Tosh Peterson

"When I first put Kbrakes on my kick drum I was blown away. Not only did they stop my kick from sliding but they also gave my bass drum even more low end. I play a 24" bass drum so I didn't think that was possible until I actually heard it for myself. I highly encourage everyone to give Kbrakes a try, you won't be disappointed."

Zach Seiger
Dave Root Band

"I have tried everything imaginable to keep my kick drum still; bricks, cases, even tying it to my seat with shoelaces. Nothing worked. I found KBrakes at my local drum shop and decided to try it.....instantly hooked. After my first gig with them, my band mates could not believe how tight we were and it is because every 5 seconds I wasn't pulling my kick drum in. From that moment, I was sold on KBrakes for life."