KBrakes 512: Stop your kick drum from sliding!

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KBrakes 512's is an anchoring system designed to stop your kick drum from sliding away from you as you play. With 512 stopping points KBrakes 512s dig directly into the carpet locking your kick drum in place. KBrakes 512s also creates a more solid drumming experience with a large base and shock absorbing material.

Designed with intent inside of the 512 shaft is designed with a similar shape to your kick drum spur meaning that instead of losing your low end and tone into the floor with the spikes they are actually lifted off the floor giving your kick drum more low end and gives your a full frequency sound on your drum. Bottom line: Stop your drum from sliding Create a more solid drumming experience Give your kick drum more low end Give your drum a full frequency sound Fold flat and stay attached to your spur while your drum is packed into its case.

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