How It Works

KBrakes are bass drum feet made from a super durable nylon that fits over your bass drum spurs. KBrakes features 256 stopping points that will keep your drum from sliding away from you.


Unscrew the rubber foot from your kick drum spur and take off the washer. Then just slip KBrakes on and tighten. You are all set to play!


KBrakes are easy to remove, but because of the positionable pad and low profile design you won’t need to! KBrakes have 180º rotation capabilities that all them to fold flat and stay attached as the drum goes inside it’s case.

SJC drums are one of the premier drums on the market today. We have a lot of artists that play SJC asking us about KBrakes and if they will fit. SJC unfortunately was one of the kits that KBrakes were not compatible with. This is a video from one of their brand ambassadors showing how to modify the SJC spur to fit on KBrakes in under 2 minutes!