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We are proud to announce our the newest member to the KBrakes team! 

English Rocker Andy Selway of KMFDM.

Check out what Andy had to say about discovering KBrakes!

“I've had a drum kit since age 3, and from that day until present times I have been putting bricks in front of kick drums, tying them around my drum throne, tried those drum rugs with a built in kick drum stopper (terrible!) for the most part while on tour it's come down to me or my drum tech literally hammering nails into the drum riser or stage directly in front of my kick drum! (often to various venues around the worlds dismay) and even guitarists, bassists, and the occasional singer sitting on, or standing in front of my kick drum while being rapidly deafened.

And then my whole world changed, I discovered KBrakes! I found these little beauties online and immediately ordered a pair. I attached them to my kick drum spurs the day they arrived at my home studio and lo and behold a lifelong problem solved! that kick does not move, and i kick the hell out of my kick drum! Took them out on tour with KMFDM, and The Dwarves and various other bands i've played with, the result being a non moving bass drum, a very happy drummer (me!) and happy drum techs, stage/drum riser owners all over the world! I never go on tour without KBrakes now, as well as on my kit in my home studio, I can't believe these things didn't always exist, total lifesavers! ”

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