Rug or No Rug KBrakes has you covered!

KBrakes 512s

• 512 Stopping Points that dig into the carpet and lock your kick drum in place and stop your kick drum from creeping

• 180º Rotation Capabilities that allow KBrakes to stay attached to your drum while it’s packed in your case

• Designed to fit 99% of modern and vintage kick drums on the market

• KBrakes suspend your spur tips giving your kick drum a full frequency range and maximum volume

• KBrakes gives your kick drum a larger foundation to play on that creates maximum stability 

KBrakes Grips

• KBrakes Grips attaches to KBrakes 512s and KBrakes HiStops and allows you to play on Hard Surfaces like wood floors, cement, tile, linoleum and more

• Equipped with a patented Non-Slip cleanable bottom

• KBrakes Grips are the perfect add on accessory for drummers that are tired of lugging around a dirty drum rug from venue to venue or want a cleaner look

 • KBrakes Grips can stay attached and fold flat with your KBrakes 512s for easy packing your drum in your case

 Assembly and Cleaning

1. KBrakes Grips slide on from the side

2. To Clean Grips and keep tacky use soap and warm water and let air dry

3. Use reusable covers on Grips when not in use to keep Grips clean and tacky


KBrakes HiStops

• The only portable Anchors designed specifically for Hi-Hat, Cymbal, Snare and Hardware stands to stop your kit from moving, walking, sliding, shifting or creeping while you play

• Great for locking down those “different” kick drum spurs like vintage Ludwig square spurs, Sonor, Yamaha and more

• KBrakes HiStops are a perfect fit for “spring loaded” spiked spurs

• Stays attached to your hardware for easy loading on and off stage

• KBrakes HiStops are light weight, road worthy and extremely durable



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