Look what drummers are saying about KBrakes!

I bought some after years of playing hardcore music and having my drums move - even if only slightly. They actually work great. Just as advertised. - Kurt Buske

I have an 18" kick drum that was notorious for sliding.  These work amazing and haven't had problem since installing them.  If you're wondering about picking up a pair do yourself a favor and grab a pair.  Been playing for 20 years as well as managed several local drum shops they are worth every penny! - Nick Tolkacevic

Just had the ultimate test for my KBrakes this weekend. There's a club the I've performed at many times over the years. Performed there this past Saturday. I've always, every time I've played there...had a HUGE problem with my bass drum sliding. Worst place for it, ever. This time...? Completely stationary. Didn't move at all. Thank you, KBrakes ! - Jim Saj

Been using kbrakes for several months now. I absolutely love them! I'm 100% confident that my kick isn't going anywhere. That give me a huge boost of confidence when I play. Thanks for a great product at a fair price! - Pete Wilson 

I own these. I must say, the folks at K-Brakes fixed a serious drummer problem. They work. - Brian LeDuke

Got some and they work great! - Micah Lee Pounders

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