KBrakes at Summer NAMM!

Always a great time at the Nashville Summer NAMM show. This year we launched 2 new products KBrakes HiStops and KBrakes Grips.
The first product KBrakes HiStops. This is an anchoring system that is light and super portable just like the Original KBrakes but it’s designed to fit your HiHat, Cymbal, Hardware and Snare Stands. It also fits those odd ball kick drum anchors that KBrakes doesn’t fit (ludwig square spurs, yamaha, mapex, tama, SJC, and other brands of “Spring Loaded” spurs that aren’t designed to be taken apart).
HiStops has the same rugged 256 stopping point base that the original KBrakes have but it clamps right onto your stands so when you lift your stand to take it on or off stage HiStops stays attached and goes with you.
Drummers struggling with cymbal and hardware stands walking away from them on stage while playing on carpet as well as those odd kick drum spurs will appreciate its amazing stability.
The real game changer comes in the last product, KBrakes Grips. With a new patented technology we have created a product that will allow drummers to play on any surface without using a rug. No slipping, no sliding, no creeping, no rug.
KBrakes Grips is a light weight super durable attachment that slides right over the Original KBrakes and KBrakes HiStops that allows drummers to play their drums as hard as they want on hard surfaces without issues.
They can drum on any hard surface of their choosing, Wood Floor, Tile, Cement, Linoleum, Concrete and more. With a washable slip resistant bottom KBrakes Grips and patented technology is the only device in the world that gives you this kind of strength, support and confidence to drum on non-carpeted surfaces. 
Check out some highlights from the NAMM Show! 

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