Drummers leave your cinder blocks at home!

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KBrakes are a product for drummers to stop their bass drum from sliding. We hear from a lot that drums DO NOT SLIDE if you "know how to use your gear" if you "have good and expensive drums" if you "set up your drums correctly" and if you "just use the spikes". 
Touring drummers will say that sliding "sometimes just happens". Drummers all over the world play amazing drums like DW, Mapex, Tama, QdrumCo, C&C, Slingerland, Ludwig and more and from time to time they all move, jump, twist, shift and slide around.
We see a lot of make shift solutions out there on the road. 

We know that the people at Guitar Center know how to set up an Orange County drum kit and set it on a drum rug that's designed for drumming for drummers at a Guitar Center Drum Off!

5 other drummers played in this kit before him and didn't have a problem but within 30 seconds of this drummer sitting down and playing the kick drum was on the move.


KBrakes are design for this exact purpose. Kick drum sliding just happens. There are a thousand things that would cause your drum to move and shift on you. KBrakes are there to level the playing field for when this sort of thing happens to you at a gig, at your practice space, in your basement or on the road.

Just slide KBrakes on overtop on your existing threads, turn them clockwise a few times and then tighten the wing nut and you are ready to go.

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