KBrakes Grips Set of 2
KBrakes Grips Set of 2
KBrakes Grips Set of 2

KBrakes Grips Set of 2

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KBrakes Grips - Set of 2 (KBrakes Attachment)

KBrakes Grips attaches to Original KBrakes or KBrakes HiStops and allows drummers to play on Hard Surfaces such as wood floors, cement, tile, linoleum and more without a rug.

 • Equipped with a cleanable non-slip silicone poly bottom KBrakes Grips are the only Hard Surface Kick Drum Anchors of their kind

• Each row of stopping points is engaged with an opposite shaped chamfer that allows the base to maintain an overall center of gravity where the force is equally displaced with every stroke

• KBrakes Grips are the perfect add on accessory for drummers that are tired of lugging around a dirty drum rug from venue to venue

• KBrakes Grips are compatible with Original KBrakes and KBrakes HiStops

 • KBrakes Grips can stay attached and fold flat with your original KBrakes for easy packing your drum in its case

• KBrakes Grips are light weight, road worthy and extremely durable