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KBrakes $39.99 (Set of 2)

$ 39.99

KBrakes $39.99 (Set of 2)
KBrakes $39.99 (Set of 2) KBrakes $39.99 (Set of 2)

$ 39.99

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 KBrakes are the best in Drum Kit Slide Prevention Technology

• 512 Stopping Points that dig into the carpet and lock your kick drum in place and stop your kick drum from creeping

• 180º Rotation capabilities that allow KBrakes to stay attached to your drum while it's packed in it's case

• Designed to fit 99% of modern and vintage kick drums on the market

• KBrakes are light weight, road worthy and extremely durable

• KBrakes gives your kick drum a larger foundation on which to play which creates maximum stability