Developed for the modern working drummer, KBrakes stop your kick drum from sliding. No matter where you are – on stage, in studio or garage – each anchor features 256 stopping points per side and locks your kick drum firmly in place. Capable of rotating a full 180°, KBrakes patented design lay perfectly flat and can stay attached to your drum while being packed in its case. This unique design fits 99% of modern and vintage drum spurs and is “low profile”, making them blend with the rest of your kit. With a total of 512 stopping points, KBrakes is the most dynamic and powerful kick drum anchor in the world.

KBrakes are the best in “Kick Drum Slide Prevention Technology.”  KBrakes, the only kick drum accessory of its kind, were designed by drummer turned designer  to solve the everlasting problem of the kick drum sliding away. KBrakes are a kick drum accessory made specifically for drummers to keep the kick drums from sliding away as it being played.

KBrakes were designed with primarily one purpose in mind: to keep the kick drum from sliding away from the drummer. KBrakes have 256 stopping points on each base plate, and have more stopping power than any other kick drum anchor in the world. bottomrenderThey are made of lightweight, high-grade injection molded black nylon, with steel hardware. The 55mm deep shaft allows the drum spur to easily be inserted into the KBrakes shaft without any effort. The collar at the top of the shaft allows the KBrake to be tightened directly onto the drum spur to hold it firmly in place. The sleek design and high end aesthetics make KBrakes look like part of your existing kick drum hardware, and the 180° pivoting capability allows the KBrake to fold flush in line with the drum for easy packing or unpacking into cases. KBrakes add functionality to your current kick drum, with virtually no additional weight, due to their strong nylon molded design. KBrakes are the only kick drum anchors in the world with 512 total stopping points that give your kick drum maximum stability and stopping power.



Take a look at some short demo videos and see for yourself.

This is the first video that we made showing KBrakes VS just rubber feet on carpet.

KBrakes assembly video!

KBrakes conveniently stays attached to your kick drum spurs making it easy to keep KBrakes attached while the drum is packed into it’s case.

This video demonstrates a kick drum without rubber feet and playing with only the spikes exposed.

Earlier this year we held a KBrakes event at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI to get musicians and designers together to test out the stopping power of KBrakes.


As a drummer you know this problem well and now you know how to solve it, KBrakes!

KBrakes US Patent # 14/164,585